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The Law Firm of Brad G. Fisher, P.A. focuses exclusively on Family Law

If you are facing a pending divorce in Florida, you likely have a number of questions about the procedural and legal aspects of this type of proceeding. In addition to the division of marital property, you must determine an appropriate child support amount and custody configuration that will work best for your unique family situation. In addition, you will need to divide assets and debts in accordance to Florida family law statutes and common law. A Pensacola divorce attorney can help you with all aspects of your divorce in addition to serving you as a counselor and advocate.

Florida adheres to the equitable division of property method of marital property distribution. This means that the court will assess the personal situation of each spouse to determine an equitable (or fair) way to split up all marital assets and debts. During the divorce proceeding, the court will implement a child custody and child support model that will work with the family’s situation. In certain circumstances, the court may order co-parenting classes or counseling for children involved in a particularly hostile domestic situation.

Your Pensacola divorce attorney will begin your case with you by meeting at an initial consultation to discuss your case. At this consultation, your lawyer will inquire as to the facts surrounding the divorce and will likely suggest that you file a “no fault” divorce petition. This differs from traditional fault-based divorce proceedings which require naming a particular reason for the dissolution. If you were the primary breadwinner in the family, you may be required to pay spousal support to your ex-spouse for a time until that spouse remarries. The non-custodial parent must provide child support in an amount necessary to maintain the needs of all children from the marriage including education, medical expenses, clothing, food, and all other necessities.

It is highly encouraged that you seek the services of a qualified Pensacola divorce attorney so that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. For a free consultation with an experienced and dedicated Pensacola divorce attorney Brad G. Fisher, Esq. call 850-470-0100.

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