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Brad G. Fisher, Esq.

General Information:

Brad G. Fisher, Esq. is admitted to practice in the United States Federal Court, Northern District, Florida State Courts


  • Bachelor of Science (Banking and Finance); 1990 University of Southern Mississippi

  • Juris Doctor (Law);  2005 University of Toledo


  • Florida Bar admitted 2005

  • Family Law Section; Florida Bar

  • Escambia/Santa Rosa County Bar Association

Committee Member

  • 1st Judicial Circuit Family Law Committee

  • 1st Judicial Circuit Bench and Bar Professionalism Committee

Expanded Educational/Professional Experience, Biography and Core Business Values 


Brad G. Fisher was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised throughout the south, moving from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas due to his Father’s employment in retail.  Brad graduated from high school in Allen, Texas, just outside Dallas, and attended University of Southern Mississippi where he developed his interest in finance, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance in 1990. 


Throughout his college education, Brad worked roofing houses, and in later years, as production assistant, boom operator and occasional actor in the film & television industry.  


After graduation, a successful career in merchandising and retail development, for one of the nation’s largest department stores followed. As a young professional, Brad moved throughout the country, including a stint in Pensacola, assessing store productivity, sales and product listings, developing and implementing stronger strategies for success.   Brad excelled early in his career finding weak spots, correcting issues and anticipating strategies needed to achieve the desired result.  He was fortunate to be consistently promoted and honored for his success and achievements in the industry. It was enjoyable work, and satisfying to assist executives and managers in improvements.  


Due to his success, and educational background, Brad was later recruited by one of the most prominent regional banks in the South.  After accepting the position, Brad led one of the large business banking and development departments.  Throughout his time in banking, Brad worked in all aspects of banking and finance, with both large businesses and individuals, to achieve their financial goals through lending, asset management and investments. It was during this time he also obtained his Series 6 & 63 investment licenses.  


While in banking, Brad frequently assisted those going through divorce and family issues, dividing business interests, separating their assets/debts, and advising of best financial steps in recovery from the effects of divorce.  It was at this time he was prompted to move into the legal field, to assist in these same clients throughout the legal process.  Brad was confident his knowledge would be valuable when applied to the legal side and this has proven true over the last two decades.  Prior to entering law school, he committed to opening his own practice immediately after law school, keeping his goal of helping these clients.   He did not divert from this plan, beginning law school at The University of Toledo College of Law in 2002, and returned to Pensacola to open The Law Firm of Brad G. Fisher, P.A. in 2005. 


Brad’s case strategy begins with honesty. He believes clients must be told the truth.  He never guarantees results, because results are never guaranteed. No one has an impenetrable case and believing such a thing can cause a client to take their case for granted.  Even if a client has a very strong case, with an excellent chance of success, it must still be presented appropriately, all defenses by the opposing party must be assessed and a strategy of response to the opposing party’s claims/defenses must be developed.  Judges have broad discretion to determine a case. It’s crucial that an attorney tells their client the truth, even when it’s not easy to hear, so a plan for litigation can be developed.  When truthful communications occur in the attorney-client relationship, weak spots can be addressed and strategies for success can be implemented.  Ignoring deficits in a case is a mistake, and Brad believes in helping cure those deficits and working together to achieve the best outcome. 


It has been Brad’s most sincere professional honor to work with the community, personally handling each one of his client's cases, for nearly 20 years.   Despite having helped so many clients since 2005, his clients are never taken for granted.  Brad is grateful to work for each individual client and works hard to retain the privilege of representing those in our community.  Brad did not come from a family of attorneys and is the first in his family to go to law school. He understands the expense, the fear of judgment and the general unease some feel when dealing with the legal community.  His goal is for clients to feel comfortable and he treats his clients with respect.  He welcomes discussion and open communication with his clients. He employs only kind, responsive and well trained personnel to assist him in professionally caring for the clients. The success of his clients is of paramount importance to Brad, and his professional focus will always be his client’s best interests. 


If you are dealing with a family law issue and want to talk with Brad about your case, please contact our office at 850-470-0100 for a free initial consultation.  


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